Low Life, Losers and Millionaires, What Do They All Have in Common?


I’m sure you’re thinking… Boy Just what a Crazy Title to articles. “Low Life, Losers and Millionaires” What do each of them have in Common? To begin with they are all effected by the “Law of Attraction” and the “Power of Thought.” To attract money you need to focus on wealth. It is impossible to bring more money into your life when you focus on having less it. It is helpful to use imagination and visualization to create believe you already are in possession of the money you want. You have got to feel good about money to attract more for you.

Understandably, when people don’t have money they don’t feel good about money, since they don’t have enough. Those negative feelings about money are stopping more income from coming to you. You must stop the cycle and you do it in two ways.

Number one, you have got to make a decision to have faith that the money will come to you. You have got to believe in something. You will want to believe in the “Universal Mind” That thoughts are things and they all have an origin in Faith and Belief. Money will come to me easily think about it, want it and focus on it long and hard enough every day. I already have all of the money I need. I’ll prove it to you that it works that way.

Understand this next example and you tell me if both these examples aren’t 100% true! On the other hand the people who think…I’m never likely to total anything, I was created poor, other people get all the breaks. I’m just a Loser, a minimal Life on the scrap pile of life… Do you know what? They Are Both Right! Have you any idea why? Because thoughts are things and whichever you think about frequently will in fact become a reality.

The Law of attraction is not only used to create wealth and happiness into our lives, It is also used to bring like minded individuals into our life. You’re who you keep company with… If you hang around a lot of losers who have no ambition in life and want to hang out on the street corner and smoke weed or do drugs, and don’t work, how much of a chance do you consider you have to getting ahead? The first step to begin with to pull yourself out from the hole and commence the long journey upward would be to make a decision that is not the life a choose to live. I’m better than this and I will do something positive about it.

There is only three things that must be done to live a healthy, wealthy and bountiful life.

Make a decision that you will not spend another minute such as this. You have got to convince yourself that you want more out of life as well as your going to get it at all cost. Decide now!

Next you have to formulate a plan on what you are likely to get out of your current situation and lastly and incredibly most important. This can be a key to every self help book, motivational tape and CD I have ever read or paid attention to. It really is unquestionably the hardest thing to do and is the number 1 reason people don’t succeed. You must not quit as soon as you start. If you quit the system fails. It all breaks down. So is it possible to see now what Low Life, Losers and Millionaires all have as a common factor. click here What ever they are thinking they’re both right! The info below will help show you and coach you into a life of abundance, wealth, health insurance and happiness for the rest of your life.

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